trademark registration in jaipur


Jaipur or the ‘pink city’ is a culturally rich and growing business hub for small-scale businessmen as well as large- scale businessmen. The historical architecture, mouth-watering food, colorful textile industries, handicrafts, and friendly population have attracted and continue to attract tourists. With the growing business, competitive grounds have raised the bars high and almost impossible to ignore.  Well, when tourism increases, many sectors of businesses flourish and every business deserves its trademark thereby proving originality. 


A Trademark is a unique symbol, word, or phrase that is recognized for an intellectual property, product, or service, legally. This trademark distinguishes a specific product from other products. The symbol ‘TM’ is used with a trademark when a trademark registration application is submitted. Under the Trademarks Act of 1999, the validity of the registered trademark in India is 10 years. So, you have to renew your trademark every ten years because as long as you own the trademark, you own the novelty of your product or services.


Well, if you want to preserve your legacy and originality that is sine qua non. You ought to know that Trademark renewal services in Jaipur offer you easy online registration without asking for excess money. You deserve your exclusive rights and you can keep your trademark registered however long you wish it to be.

Also, if you fail to apply for a renewal application, the consequences might not be pleasant. Of course, the trademark of your product or service will be removed from the register and hence it will be open to claim and anyone can register it by their name. You need to know that The Registry of Trademarks will not renew your trademark application immediately. It is a long procedure of 6 months so if your trademark duration is ending within a year, make sure you register for renewal before the expiration date. To preserve the ingenuity of the product, your ownership rights, and your brand identity you are obliged to apply for trademark renewal services in Jaipur which are easily available in your proximity. 


  • Trademark certificate issued by the registry.
  • Copy of the application filed with the trademark registry.
  • Power of attorney aids the attorney in filing the trademark renewal application on your behalf with the trademark registry.
  • Proof of application- you’ll need your Aadhaar card, PAN card, and certificate of registration.

Now, if you think there will be any changes after the renewal of your trademark application then you have to fret not, you can enjoy the rights you gained during the primary registration as long as your registration is valid.

Trademark renewal services are fast and convenient. If you’re applying for an online renewal service then you have to go through a questionnaire and submit the required documents and you’re good to go. On the other hand, if you go for the traditional renewal system, you are required to go to the office and get it done, then it is a sure-shot hassle. 

Visiting the office promptly might exhaust you, online services in Jaipur prove much more efficient results. If you are willing to expand your business outside India then you can use your existing registration to file registration for other countries.

In essence, if you are willing to secure the exclusivity of your brand and want the procedure to be cost- friendly then Trademark Renewal services in Jaipur are the best you can ask for, even if you’re a small business owner or large, you can easily approach renewal services through google maps and researching what’s the best for you.

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